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The Water Series



Book One of the Water Series


The water is calling…

What if you were forced to face your darkest fears? Could you open up to something you never imagined possible?

Cora Reed’s devastating past has haunted her every step for years. When a chance to escape her life is presented she takes it, not knowing that she will never return to the life she left behind. Cora is thrown into a danger that not only threatens her life but also her heart.

Would you risk it all for someone you love?

When Darrien Locke meets Cora he only has one thing on his mind, doing his job. But, when the girl that he came to protect wins his heart, Darrien’s perfectly ordered world is sent into chaos. 

Cora holds the real world story, while Darrien the fantasy. What happens when their two worlds collide and a power rises from the deep that sets both their worlds spinning?

Water is the perfect combination of suspense, mystery, humor, and romance. Its gripping tale of love and danger, combined with a terrifically detailed world below the waves, will have readers breathless and begging for more. 


Book Two of the Water Series


He would drown the world for her...

A sleeping Titan has woken and with him a battle as old as the ages fast paced rollercoaster full of action, mystery, myth, and, of course, love. Don’t miss the explosive second book in Emory Gayle’s Water Series.begins. As he gathers powers to him, Cora and Darrien are plunged into new worlds that threaten to destroy the people they love…

Cora Reed just found out that she is part Mer, part Siren, and is supposed to be the next in line for the throne of an underwater kingdom. If that wasn’t enough to grapple with, she is forced to come to grips with a betrothal to a man she doesn’t love, Mer and Siren powers awakening in her that she can’t control, and a connection with her sister Ana that opens a window to the world of the Sirens and a danger beyond Cora’s wildest nightmares. Will Cora find the strength to stand against those that seek to destroy her and her loved ones? Will her love for Darrien survive it?

Darrien Locke is ready to sacrifice everything for the woman that he loves and help her on her journey to the throne. But, his plans take a hit, when he is sent back to Titus Prime to get to the bottom of another assassination attack against Zale, Cora’s father. With his brother Tyde, he seeks to find whoever is behind the attacks. When their search unearths a family secret, that shakes the foundation of who they are and where they come from, Darrien’s plans must change. With more at risk than ever, what will Darrien do to keep those he loves safe? 

Mer is a fast paced rollercoaster full of action, mystery, myth, and, of course, love. Don’t miss the explosive second book in Emory Gayle’s Water Series 





Book Three of the Water Series


Three people.

Three pathways.

Only love can save them all…


Ana has awoken in Cora's body, bound and determined to destroy all that Cora holds most dear. First to go...Darrien. But, something throws a wrench into her plans. Something more dangerous than any foe she has ever faced. Will it be Ana's undoing...or her savior


Cora wakes in Ana's body deep in the ocean and in the company of two, now, ex-Sirens. The trio become fast friends as their path to see Cora’s father leads them on a journey that is both full of love and danger. When their quest turns deadly, Cora is forced to use a power that she still doesn’t fully understand. Will Cora’s power,
friends, be enough to stand against one of the most powerful beings on earth? Or will Cora be consumed by a power she can’t control? her for love the and


Darrien’s heart is breaking as he watches Cora seek the attention of another at camp. But, when a couple of unexpected guests show up, Darrien is given distraction and hope in the most unlikely of ways. In the end, will Darrien see through Ana’s charade and mend his broken heart? And if so, will he be able to find Cora before the allies of Oceanus do?


Things will never be the same as great powers, mythological creatures, and love like no other are awakened in this stunning next instalment of the Water Series!




Book Four of the Water Series

Will they survive the rising…

The Sight. The Shield. The Sword. The Brothers…will they be enough to bring down a Titan rule?

Cora and Darrien are on a mission to get their siblings back. Devastated by the thought of what Bree and Tyde are facing, they take on the job of finding a way to end Oceanus and his plans to release the Titans. Their journey will lead them into the depths of Tartarus for the answers. But, Oceanus has his own plans and soon they find themselves face to face with a choice that will tear their hearts apart. Will they survive Oceanus's plot to release the Titans? Or will they become unwilling pawns in his grand scheme?

Bree and Tyde have been kidnapped by Oceanus. Both with their own stories to tell of their time in Oceanus's lair, the two of them struggle to survive. Friendships will be forged in the most unlikely characters and powers, locked away from them, will break free. But, will that be enough to get out alive?

Ana and Avery are left at Camp Crystal to watch over those with new powers and help them hone their skills. When Oceanus sets his sights on camp, they, along with Lena and Tinley, must defend their new home. Will their ragtag group be enough to stop Oceanus’s forces from killing them all, or have they fallen into a trap they can’t get out of?

While their survival is uncertain, there is one thing that is for sure…there is a war coming. Only the very strongest will survive the rising.

In this last instalment of the Water Series, readers will be taken on a rollercoaster like nothing before. Love, friendship, sacrifice, action, humor, mystery…it’s got it all. Don’t miss out on this stunning conclusion!

Celia has never felt at home in Stronghold. Her mother is a violent overbearing Siren Queen that everyone worships. Everyone except Celia. In line for a throne that she doesn't want, Celia struggles to find her way in a world that she doesn't feel a part of.  A world that she doesn't fit into. 
A story of hope, family, belonging, bullying, and, of course, love, Celia's Journey takes you into the hidden world of the Sirens and the one woman that risked it all for freedom and love.
Is a Siren worthy of happiness? Find out in this exciting and endearing Prequel to The Water Series!


Celia's Journey

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