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Eternal Saga


Eternal Descendants

Book One of the Eternal Saga

Finding someone to love her as much as her cat does, shouldn’t be this difficult!
Sarcastic yet sweet Mellie, is cursed in the love department. Struggling to figure out who she is beyond her plant obsession, Mellie fails to maintain any relationship. When a handsome stranger, with an annoying knack for showing up everywhere she goes and ability to go toe-to-toe with her sass, moves in across the hall, even her cat can see Mellie’s in trouble.

A prophesy that kills your love life. Or a love life that could end up killing…well everything and everyone. Take your pick.
Erich, the bookish son of Athena, has sworn to never give his heart away, thanks to the best romance killer of a prophesy the world has known. When Athena asks him for a favor, Erich’s curiosity gets the best of him, and he packs up his books and best friend and goes. Things spin out of control when Erich’s heart is enchanted by the woman who lives across the hall, with her sharp wit, love for plants, and annoying cat.

When the world of myth and magic becomes more than something she read in a book, Mellie discovers she’s more a part of Erich’s world than either of them realized. As they battle both their attraction to each other, and monsters from the underworld, one thing becomes clear – love can either save their lives or destroy them.


Book Two of the Eternal Saga


When ancient evil starts to stir, it’s up to them to stop hell from breaking open.
Erich and Mellie have a lot on their plates as they grapple with Erich’s new form, Mellie’s new powers, and the lost key to the gates of the underworld. As the two unearth their past, their every step leads them deeper into hell, putting their lives in mortal danger—for even the dead can kill. Can they survive the place they once called home?

She’s the one he always wanted.
Smart and sensible Shalli, has spent years hiding her heart behind her work—and her fiery power from everyone. But when the arrogant boy she refused years ago returns as the man she’d always hoped he’d be, the life she has built for herself is thrown into chaos.

He’s the one she needed more from.
With wraith attacks on the rise, intelligent and grounded Tim returns to protect his people from growing danger and face an impending marriage he wants no part of. However, when his heart falls for an old flame, his priorities go up in flames.

When circumstances bring the two back together after years apart, sparks fly. But is there enough to light a fire?


Heir to the Eternal Throne


Eternal Duty and Desire

Book Three of the Eternal Saga


She never had to work for anything, until he came into her life.
Delicate and demure Istadell Helleney’s life has been planned since she was a child. But when her life is upheaved in one heartbreaking night, Izzy is forced to choose between her obligations to her family, and her yearning for a life she chooses for herself. For the first time in her life, Izzy is forced to fight for what she truly wants—a life of her own and a love worth risking everything for.

He never wanted to love again, until she stumbled into his world.
Ren Harpagos’s priorities have been set solely on his family and their ranch, since his last relationship tore him apart. But Ren’s broody nature is challenged when the woman he can’t get out of his head, begins to dismantle the walls around his heart. Battling his attraction for Istadell, the intensely loyal rancher wrestles with his duty protect his heart and his desire for the unattainable.

Bound by love. Tied by history. Obligated by duty.
After years of grappling with their forbidden desire, Shalli and Tim are finally together. When Astomi mysteriously start disappearing, Shalli and Tim are determined to find out why—even if that means reprioritizing their nuptials. The two lovers face a danger greater than ever before as they race to save their people.

Will they all be able to do what they must to protect those around them, or will they be pulled in a direction that will lead to their utter destruction?




Book Four of the Water Series

Will they survive the rising…

The Sight. The Shield. The Sword. The Brothers…will they be enough to bring down a Titan rule?

Cora and Darrien are on a mission to get their siblings back. Devastated by the thought of what Bree and Tyde are facing, they take on the job of finding a way to end Oceanus and his plans to release the Titans. Their journey will lead them into the depths of Tartarus for the answers. But, Oceanus has his own plans and soon they find themselves face to face with a choice that will tear their hearts apart. Will they survive Oceanus's plot to release the Titans? Or will they become unwilling pawns in his grand scheme?

Bree and Tyde have been kidnapped by Oceanus. Both with their own stories to tell of their time in Oceanus's lair, the two of them struggle to survive. Friendships will be forged in the most unlikely characters and powers, locked away from them, will break free. But, will that be enough to get out alive?

Ana and Avery are left at Camp Crystal to watch over those with new powers and help them hone their skills. When Oceanus sets his sights on camp, they, along with Lena and Tinley, must defend their new home. Will their ragtag group be enough to stop Oceanus’s forces from killing them all, or have they fallen into a trap they can’t get out of?

While their survival is uncertain, there is one thing that is for sure…there is a war coming. Only the very strongest will survive the rising.

In this last instalment of the Water Series, readers will be taken on a rollercoaster like nothing before. Love, friendship, sacrifice, action, humor, mystery…it’s got it all. Don’t miss out on this stunning conclusion!

Celia has never felt at home in Stronghold. Her mother is a violent overbearing Siren Queen that everyone worships. Everyone except Celia. In line for a throne that she doesn't want, Celia struggles to find her way in a world that she doesn't feel a part of.  A world that she doesn't fit into. 
A story of hope, family, belonging, bullying, and, of course, love, Celia's Journey takes you into the hidden world of the Sirens and the one woman that risked it all for freedom and love.
Is a Siren worthy of happiness? Find out in this exciting and endearing Prequel to The Water Series!


Celia's Journey

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